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Ekktaa is a Spiritual Coach who uses various techniques to connect with people, and heal their body, mind, and soul.

"An empowered society is a winning community. An empowered India is poised for growth."

About Ekktaa Daithankar

Ekktaa has had a successful career of over 14 years in the corporate industry. She has worked extensively in the areas of Human Resource which brought her in close connection in dealing with human nature. A B.Comm graduate (Mumbai University), she pursued an MBA in HR, which was followed by a Diploma in Counseling. Her keen interest and the natural flair for astrology led her to pursue her studies in astrology. The highlight of Ekktaa’s career was the journey towards being a certified coach. As an MCC from the International Coach Federation, Ekktaa found her true calling and fell headlong into the world of coaching, spirituality, and mindfulness. Her astounding work in this field has fetched her the Spiritual Coach of the Year award (2018) by the World HRD Congress, held in Mumbai. Ranking at the 24th position as an MCC in India, Ekktaa has rightly personified that a woman can achieve anything, provided she has the will to do so. Her exemplary work in the areas of Veda, Astrology, Somatic Coaching (Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Chakra Healing,) continues to inspire others as she makes her own mark. EKOHUMM is her own venture which aims at a holistic approach to connect the body, mind, and spirit. Ekktaa also has her eyes set on learning hypnotherapy, pranic healing, EMCC-MP, and the NLP while working towards human empowerment. She is currently pursuing a Diploma in Yoga.

My Journey

Ekktaa gives a glimpse of her journey in her own words. 

I have always been a ‘people’s person’. As an HR professional with 10 years of expertise, I touched the lives of many quite unknowingly. My interactions and natural inclination towards astrology made me connect instantly with people. I began working at the age of 18 and I naturally started healing people during my professional journey. I realized my work has an impact on people’s life. But, I also faced my own struggles early on. I felt buried under my problems and resorted to smoking which had an adverse effect on my life for 10 years. With the help of my brother Dr. Paras, I quit this habit within 2 sessions! Prior to this, I also struggled with weight issues but managed to work on my health, all while being guided along the way. I became an inspiration to many men and women who were overweight and faced the stigma leading to low self-esteem. I began seeing life with a fresh perspective when I realized I could create my own path, and problems were a part of life - our reactions are what matters. I was blessed to have him as a guide. What about those who had no help? No one to speak to? No one to discuss with?

I continued to work and heal people through coaching, astrology, counseling, Reiki practice, spirituality, and building that connection with the body, mind, and spirit. This brings me complete fulfillment as nothing is more satisfying than seeing a healed life.

What does Tava-Mitram mean for me

I founded Tava-Mitram along with my brother, Dr. Paras. We realized the need to build this platform based on the adversities of life. Tava-Mitram is a space where I can give to society and empower people through the power of group coaching. I firmly believe in group energies and the platform aims to ride on all the vibrant energies we are going to create. By being a ‘friend’ to the less-fortunate, Tava-Mitram is that non-judgemental friend who not only listens but acts as a guide to take one on the right path.

Many people do not have access to the right amount of guidance and coaching that changes our perspective towards life. It’s easy to allow our mind to play tricks into believing you cannot do something. What our group aims to focus on is the power of ‘Now’ and building on the plans for tomorrow.

An empowered society is a winning community. An empowered India is poised for growth. To me, Tava-Mitram acts as that guiding light to deal with emotional problems, one session at a time.

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