Mental Health Awareness Campaign

My Mental Health, My Priority

Welcome to the Tava-Mitram’s Mental Health Awareness Campaign. We are glad you’ve taken the step towards empowering yourself with knowledge that can transform your life. Building mental health is as important as your physical health. Your mind dictates how you think, feel, react. The mind has the power to control how your body reacts to stress, anxiety, worry, and other situations that may cause an imbalance. Your body is a manifestation of your thoughts. So, let’s begin the journey to explore your mind, its functioning, and how you can create a happier, fulfilled life for self and others.

Tava-Mitram is a not-for-profit with a focus to build emotional health among the less-fortunate. Our group coaching services are offered free of charge to ensure our coaching reaches every strata of society. Your support gives us the motivation to inch closer to our goals with excellence.

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Certification FAQ's

This is a free campaign started by Tava-Mitram. The aim is to increase knowledge and awareness of mental health issues in 12 core areas. A person who completes the 12 video series earns the “My Mental Health, My Priority” badge. He/she can use it on any platform to display their awareness in the area of mental health.
You have to sign up to register for the video series. You have to complete watching 12 videos and answer the questions that follow each video.
You will receive a link on email. Follow the link to launch the 12-video series. Answer the questions that follow each video. If you do not receive the link, write to
You need 60% or above to proceed to the next video. Hence, make sure you listen to the video content carefully.
That’s fine! Watch the video again if you’d like, and learn the content. Try again!
Yes! To proceed further, you need to answer and score 60% or above.
No! You need to go step-wise to watch all the 12 videos.
You will receive details on your email.
No, this is an awareness campaign. It signifies your knowledge in these areas. However, it is not a certification course. No person can claim to be a counselor or practitioner in the mental health area.
No, this is an awareness campaign. The hours you put in are for your self-development.
No! The content belongs to Tava-Mitram. The idea, material, and videos are subject to copyright.
Yes! We are happy to enrich your knowledge.
Thank you for supporting us. Yes, you can donate for the cause. The minimum donation begins from $5.
We follow a strict practice to maintain confidentiality. Your personal data, and answers are safe with us.
Yes! Please tag us too! Do share with your friends and family.
Yes, you can stop the video and resume it from the same point, anytime.
We are a not-for-profit with an aim to build mental health among the less-fortunate. We use the power of group coaching. We are raising awareness on the need to connect and rebuild lives with a greater awareness on mental strength.

Reviews (260)

  • Ritika Trehan

    The videos were amazing and the way it was displayed was very interesting. Videos were not at all boring amd proper information was provided. Even helped in generating awarenssa.

  • Dipta Ghosh

    It was quite a enriching one for me. The videos followed by objective tests overall makes it comprehensive and great understanding tool. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  • Rishika Agarwal

    it was a really great learning from tava mitram video series. As I am a psychology student they have taught us from the basic to a great extent relating to our mental health.

  • Prerna Pillay

    I gained a lot of information by watching Tava-Mitram's 12 video mental health series it was a great learning experience!

  • Shraddha Krishna Sarkar

    Thanks for tavamitram main apke tavamitram side kafi kuch sikh chuki hu. Thanks for tavamitram

  • Krishna Sarkar

    Thanks tavamitram main 12 video's main shikha hu ke kaise khud or dusro ko kaise main sambhal pata hu thanku for the tips.

  • Ellen Patricia

    The contents of the 12 videos are highly valuable. They made transactional analysis easy to understand and relevat to daily life. They are very enriching, and serve as a great starter to go deeper into learning about one's self through self reflections. Thank you so much for these useful videos.


    A very Good job done by Tava - mitram team by launching Mental Health Awareness series which really help me to observe and reflect better as a person. from this series i have learned a key point on taking care of ourselves is crucial

  • Ng Kien Mun

    The content flow is good and covers different learning style. I like the animation in videos presentations and it will be great to have some notes when individual complete the session. The assessment help to reinforce the learning and understanding of each topic.. I hope to have more opportunities to further build my knowledge and skills in this areas. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and develop myself.

  • Shankaran D

    Dear Paras / Team Members / Mentor / All, Thank god got opportunity to enrol self into tava mitram. Really appreciate and thanks to Mr.Paras for wonderful awareness campaign programme. Each topic session and interaction with examples are outstanding. I wanted to thank you and all team members for the My Mental Heal, My priority session. Let us have more session and willing to support/take forward to my network, people and corporate offices within my capacity. Thanking you all and good lord bless you. Best Regards Shankaran D MBL : (+91) 98414 26264

  • Sirisha Kantety

    Thanks for this awareness it for sure added value and gave me different perspectives to look and understand people in a better way.

  • sathananthan pathirapandian

    It was really a good one to understand more better on ourself out of this busy day to day life. Also this helps to understand where to improve ourself to avoid the mental/physical stress .

  • Bhanumathi Subramani

    It was awesome. I learnt a lot from these videos in terms of stress, depression, mental health and self acceptance.

  • Bhalakumar Vijayakumar

    The experience was really awakening to understand one's own self and our behaviours. This will enhance our way of conducting with ourselves and with others. The knowledge & wisdom gained through these twelve-part series is immense. Anyone who wants to broaden their self-awareness should watch the mental Awareness series. And not just watch but also put in practice the exercises given in those videos to get benefitted.

  • puushpa tiwari

    It was wonderful experience, through this series of video, i have learned more about personality things.

  • sitalakshmi parameswaran

    Great. It was excellent learning experience . Was able to unlock my thought and figure out wy i get stressed.

  • Nitin Mandke

    Excellent experience all in all. Well prepared and captured.

  • Durga Prasad Mahapatra

    It is an awesome experience to gain knowledge and make it use in our daily life to be stronger and superior. Amazing experience.

  • Swarupa Vemuri

    It is a very good platform and the video's also very interesting to see.

  • anita raj

    it is very informative and knowing more about mental health and own strengths.


    Its excellent and useful for each and everyone.

  • Ramakrishnan Sudarshanam

    The videos are great. Very nicely encapsulated and presented in a series of videos. This has helped me understand and appreciate the theory of transactional analysis, how important it is and how much this adds value to our life.

  • Matheem Ahmed

    The '12-Video Mental Health Awareness series is a must watch for all and I highly recommend it as it develops awareness in build mental health of self and others.

  • Steve

    Overall it was an excellent programme. I do have a few comments, this does skip on at a pace and to really get to understand concepts etc did require some note taking that extended the time but it was worthwhile. In the last few modules the text became extremely small on the videos. My comments to people I would like to pass this onto would be; it's not just a quick a 10-20minute video as with notes it can be 30-50 minutes per module.

  • santhosh kumar P G

    Thank you for giving me an opportunity to watch this videos and control my emotions.

  • arun singh

    It gives good knowledge for mental health. It's videos are boosting morale.

  • Amit Dilip Pawar

    I have enrolled first time for mental health program. And it worth to do. Topics are clear, understandable. story-telling and link dont make boring. you can add any topic on Habits. Learning-unlearning of good-bad habits. Thank you

  • Sukhad Sangamnerkar

    A very good and Healthy Sessions. I liked the video creativity that has made the understanding better to me.

  • Pankaj Aher

    Videos with examples helped in understanding the topic quickly.

  • Sonal Gandhi

    it was a very interesting way of conveying the information. but it was too much information coming too quickly. I would have liked the video to be a bit slow paced, allowing me to comprehend the information & examples more effectively.


    It was very informative and videos was well prepared. It is very useful to learn and practice.


    Scope for improvement to display better examples Audio recorded voice is too fast..

  • Rajkumar Swamynathan

    Topics were easily related to real life situation and can be adopted in life for improvements

  • Malliraj Selvaraj

    It is very helpful to understand our present level and guided to select right path to improve our Mental Health

  • Punitha S

    The videos look quite faster. It can be bit slower for good understanding.

  • Kumar Palani

    Excellent and represents the reality situation.

  • Magesh S

    Learn about mental and health awareness

  • Sathya Narayanan Ramamurthy

    The quizzes could have been more tougher and been more towards application rather than having such simple questions. I felt like the questions existed for fun and not intended on a serious basis. Overall the course was good and it did talk a lot of technicalities on mental health. Although most of the concepts were known, the technical names and explanations were definitely good. Great going!! Wish your team all luck for the future. :)

  • Aravind Viswanathan

    This session and 12 videos are really enlightening in some grey area in one own life and to overcome the obstacles which one develops within self

  • Naveen Ponnaganti

    Real life examples are really helped out in understanding the content.

  • Shanthan Parepally

    All the videos are good.This Awareness session will be helpful to others to find out their problem and how to overcome it.Thank you very much for providing this session.

  • Venu thatiparthi

    It's a good training for the every one. It is given me some positive things to my .

  • Manmohan Kinthali

    The course and the content is very good and highly recommended. Only thing I found is that with the screenplay of it. It actually drawing my attention rather than the content. :p But coming to the point again.. It's a highly recommended one..

  • Sudhir Raja Medepalli

    Very good, short and descriptive and more practical that anyone can easily understand this.

  • Rehan Akhtar

    Very Informative and an eye opener in some cases

  • VinayKumar Proddaturi

    I gave 4 starts by respecting, the way you have put a lot of things in front of us in perfect manner. But the thing is, its a lot to take in, in a single shot. Even though its general topic. There wont be any use by just rushing and finishing this series. I guess maximum of people will forget all the things they have seen in this series in just few days as because of their regular day activities, people wont remember to think of this. My suggestion is please don't make this series as single shot. Make in last long as people will slowly adopt to the things mentioned in the series.


    Excellent videos with elaborative understanding. Perfect for every organization members, particularly in this COVID19 time.

  • venkatesh kondaveeti

    you are really doing great job by creating awareness on mental health topic which is important to every one of us.Thanks for doing this all.

  • Nagnath

    Interesting : PAC Confusing : PAC vs Depression vs Guidance

  • B Sudhakar Reddy

    I really appreciate your efforts in bringing deference to the world through these videos. Thanks for providing me the opportunity to go through your videos.

  • Poornachandrarao Nemalipuri

    This course too good, which is very much required for every one to understand about ourselves. I have learnt lot of things what is stress/depression/the dump generally carrying from child hood. I can evaluate myself with this course.

  • Iris Kline Arih

    I find the program excellent! It has brought many new concepts closer to me (PAC ego-states for example), reminded me of my capabilities and limitations and lighted up a fire within myself to continue believe in myself, to take good care of my mind, body and soul, to expand opportunities to serve others, to love and give! Congrats!. Will be happy to spread this campaign in my network.


    It was a great experience for me to attend this health awareness series. There were many areas which I was not aware of earlier. This series has helped me change my outlook towards life and others. Learnt lot of new terms which was not known to me. Learnt to be positive towards life, learnt not to be judgemental, learnt to accept one's own weakness and then work on it.


    It was good experience ,very useful .but need to be constantly work on it


    Yes, it was knowledgeable series on mental health awareness. There were many things that i was unaware of. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  • Meera Nair

    It was a great experience going through all the details regarding mental health and behavioral patterns. It will certainly help in understanding others and oneself in a better way.


    I personally liked it.. Dr Paras and Ekta did fantastic job.....This sessions helped me to learn the things in details and you can also say its a kind of self help session....Thanks a lot....

  • R D Badgujar

    Definitely I find new idea of leaving in society, improve our knowledge Thanks once again.

  • Nishit Radia

    This is one of the best videos on metal health improvement describing TA for non TA people. It is simple to understand as explanation with examples help to understand in totality. I will send it to my son and friends to study.

  • Jayesh Patel

    Enriching and refreshing. Also correlating with self behaviour

  • Haranarayan Padhi

    I gained a lot of knowledge on twelve different topics on mental health awareness . I came to know the different types of ego states . I also like your quiz session after completion video of each topic . My interest on learning from each video has been increased to get more percentage of marks. Thanks a lot for this beautiful session .


    Thanks a lot sharing knowledge by different series Yes must love ourself, taking care of our feelings motion , accepting our weakness. And improve it by self of our topics which are sharing by you. I would like to share you that we are grown up in indian culture whereas from childhood to Teenage we are injected by our parents as per our society., religious etc . But know this new generation has lot of changes. Hope our concept must work 100%. My best wishes to your whole team.

  • Jayesh J Jani

    This programme is very very useful to keep our mentle fitness and to implement in our life.

  • Sunil Kr Singh

    Very nice video. Explained a very simple way and all examples are from daily life

  • Mita Vyas

    Dear Tava Mitram, Greetings! The experience was quite educational... Very well spoken with related exam-plenary stories that could easily be understood.... I suggest to share this video with parents and children at an early age to enrich their knowledge regarding mental health awareness for a better future for next generations and a step to end violence. Practice "Ahinsa". MOTHER EARTH "A better place to live". Thank you & regards, Mita Vyas, G00144 Lignite Division, Bhavnagar

  • G.Annadurai

    Got information how to manage mental health.


    thank you very much it is very essential for me & helpful for me. just we relax & know about us few hours once again thank you very much.

  • K M Vadher

    It is fantastic experience to learn on-line and it will be very helpful to me in my life, thank you very much for providing such type of program to Tava-Mitram, 12 videos are very informative and useful to me, thanks once again,

  • Prasanna

    Its great no words to express.

  • Sathishkumar

    Thanks for this wonderful session. This is very useful to reduce my stress and depression.

  • Gopi T

    Get a information about the mental health

  • Sunny Srivastava

    It was excellent. The videos & examples was good enough to clear any doubts.


    All the 12 videos are very useful for me to grow up my personal life to the next level.


    Nice It is help for personal and professional life also

  • Arpit Soni

    Wonderful. Since I have never came across any other content like this earlier, I felt amazing to know about the details shared in series of videos. It is an awesome experience.

  • Sanjay Pandey

    Very well designed and researched content for overall development of mental health. I appreciate the same and refer it to others as much as possible.Thanks to Tava-mitram.

  • Shripad Salunke

    Tava Mitram's mental health awareness video's are excellent. To understand more effectively, the video's should be played in a slow mode with more emphasis on theory. Great learning !!!!!!!!

  • Thennarasu M

    It is good and useful to improve the mental health. Being a tough time for the entire world, such courses are making the people relax a bit and improve their thought process towards positive atmosphere. Thank you for the wonderful session.

  • Sankalp N Bhatt

    The videos are very nice, the good things are examples and chronology of childhood to work environment. The various factors are nicely described which leads to build of depression and cause and strengths require to overcome the same. The more professional and family life examples can be include more.

  • Manish Shah

    It was wonderful experience to learn through videos follows by quiz. This is just a starting point in our life to improve on. We need to implement the concepts in our day to day corporate life and personal life to take our-self at different mental level.

  • Uma Raghavan

    A very good one for all , must be a great tool to improve one'e mental health at all levels!

  • Shreedhar

    A beautiful programme to understand human behavior patterns. Shall recommend to my circle of friends.

  • Jatin Shah

    Love this course. Recommend everyone to take it.

  • Ashish Sharma

    This is an excellent series for mental health awareness. Thank You Tava-Mitram.

  • Vaibhavi Dhankhode

    It was really amazing! Loved every bit of it! Helped me a lot! Thank you! Keep up the good work!

  • Khalid Ahmed

    It was a fantastic experience and helped me to understand the nuances of Transactional Analysis pretty well. Thanks to Dr Paras and Ms Ekta for doing this yeoman's service to everyone.

  • Swati Vinesh Nahar

    it was very nice session of twelve videos. learn a lot from these videos

  • Laxmi Sapkal

    wonderful videos. so much helpful to manage one's mental health

  • Wendy

    This was an excellent programme. The transactional analysis concepts are conveyed clearly and simply using vivid examples to illustrate application. There is a very good balance in the theory and application - just sufficient to understand the concept and the science behind the practice. The graphic, visual imagery and the bite sized modules makes it easy and enjoyable to work through at your own pace. An excellent refresher for health professionals and a practical, helpful course for family, friends and colleagues. Thank you!

  • Padmaja Joshi

    Getting introduced to Tava Mitram is a pleasure indeed! It is really helpful to watch videos and keep learning from them. A better and fulfilling approach towards every little act and towards approach could be developed if the learning from videos are practiced and observed. Thank you Tava Mitram for helping to take step towards this self awareness journey

  • Shrikala kanade

    Very information videos, animation based videos kept me interested throughout the series. Thanks.

  • Nimisha Chatterjee

    Excellent content with clarity. Developed the power to understand self and be the change in creating beautiful life around me. My mental health, my priority!

  • Geeta Niteen Kulkarni

    It was very good and informative. I could relate the videos to my behavior as well as others. Infact I could relate it to one of my relative and I think it will be very helpful in building strong relationships.

  • Sachin Deshpande

    I had taken TA as one of the subjects as part of my Executive/Professional Coaching certification. I loved this short refresher course on TA.

  • Shripad Joshi

    very nice explations..useful for all age people.. thanks & Keep it up!!

  • Aniruddha Kulkarni

    Simply awesome!!! A wonderful series of the videos on various elements of Mental Health with highly rich content, animation and voice-over followed by short quiz is an excellent initiative and very much required for everyone. I have shared the link with my wife and 2 young daughters. :-) Thanks Dr. Paras & Ekktaa

  • ketaki

    its really good session I come across

  • Shibu Zachariah Thomas

    It was a collection of nice videos and easier to understand. Kudos to the team who had prepared this. Thanks.

  • Ashwini Bhanagay

    It's excellent programme for beginners like me ..Very easy to understand and follow ....Lots of new concepts to learn and work on it..

  • Anantshree

    The course was extremely helpful and informative, I appreciate that the owners of tava-mitram made it available to us free of cost.

  • Mahesh KALOKHE

    One of the best e-learning program I have come across.

  • Nitesh Singh

    It was really helpful to understand the things which are related to ones behaviour. Really liked the video and simplicity in explaining the things. Would like to suggest this course to y collegues.

  • Manish Patil

    TA explained in most crisp way. each of the 12 modules is a leacture by itself. classroom training on each module will do a great transformation in those who want to rise above as a person.

  • Rashmi Shetty

    A series put together very well. The journey towards completion is designed very well. A definite recommendation. Gratitude from the bottom of my heart!

  • Shessy cj

    Very thoughtful and practical session to understand each concept

  • Suvarna Mhaske

    My experience with these videos was good as sometimes we feel we know everything but needs periodic reminders. These videos has taught new things and also worked as reminder to known things. Thanks a lot for bringing positive change in people's life

  • Suresh

    Great experience, highly recommended for all those seeking a better understanding of their mental wellbeing.

  • Jugal Shah


  • Jitendra

    Absolutely great. All videos and stories were having full of learning and coaching. Language and examples were simple and relates to day to day use. Very nice initiative.

  • Sumit Sanduja

    This is one of the most amazing e-learning programme that I have ever come across. I wish to work closely with tava-mitram towards this awareness cause. Do write to me at if i can contribute to this cause by any means.

  • Deepa Aravind

    It was an great learning and the videos are too good and extremely well made 👍👌👍👌 gave an extraordinary insight of why we do what we do..

  • Ajay

    The content is very comprehensive. Only two observations..1. The speed of the video is very fast and need to watch the videos again. 2. If a handout is given towards the end of each session, it will be of great help. Over-all awesome content, delivery , given the limitation on-line and self-paced course has in deepening the learning. Also if we can know the score of each of the quiz we had taken. Considering the questions are easy passing to 75 or 80% will really make students to pursue this deeply and experience greater learning and seriousness. Thank you once again to offer this program on complimentary basis. How can I reciprocate the gesture, will look forward to.

  • Archana Vechalekar

    It was amazing. Small and concise videos with a stroryline helped to grab and hold attention. Look ahead to attending more such sessions on mental awareness.


    It was a wonderful experience watching the videos and enriching my knowledge for improving my mental health. Thanks

  • Mayuri Sure

    It's very nice I learn so many things. Thanks for this series.

  • Ramakrishna Rao

    Thanks Paras for this curated course. lot of effort and TA succinctly summarized. I feel this may be heavy for non-HR/L&D guys. A mini version may gain more acceptance among the general public. I will share with my loved ones

  • Chaitali Shroff

    I am social emotional educator and Co-founder of non profit Holistic Education and Adaptive Learning. We work with children on their mental well being. We do work with teachers and parents to spread awareness on how their behavior impact the child development. This has been useful.

  • Nidhi

    Awesome. Really appreciate the initiative. Would love to get deeper and work more to improve self further.

  • kannan S

    Five Stars! It was a great experience and my awareness has increased significantly. I would have preferred (my own learning preference) is a typical study guide along with videos for me to start making marks and develop some actions. I would also love to contribute this in whatever way that we can spread this message .

  • Kshitij Srivastava

    It was indeed a great experience to learn so many different aspect of mental well being. I had never thought before that mental health is so important and should never be ignored.

  • Molli Lou Hollows

    I find this to be very helpful. There were times when I noticed potential biases related to gender and how it can affect individuals, however it was minor and overall a very beneficial tool to contribute to ones self awareness and awareness of others.

  • Jolanta Wawer

    Excellent, easy to understand, multiple aha moments during the videos. Love format!

  • Jaya

    Very interesting way to learn the difficult concepts of TA.

  • Pranav Khurjekar

    Very insightful and great learning experience. Recommend to one and all. Cheers! Pranav Khurjekar

  • Abhishek

    The videos gave me a strong feeling to look into myself and explore once again. They empowered me to look beyond my current set of things that I continue to do on day to day life. I think it seems to make me a better person who is compassionate towards my family and other. Thanks Tava Mitram and team for beautifully coming for these videos. It was amazing.

  • Subodh Kulkarni

    This was excellent session, explained in simple language, which I could correlate with real life situations. it will certainly help me manage stress as well as manage my professional commitments and most importantly connect with my family in better way. I am going to recommend this to at least 10 people within my network. thank you very much Brgds.

  • Gauri

    These 12 videos are truly enriching. TA for non TA has been explained in simplistic language. Loved these specifically Injunctions Self acceptance Child parent and adult ego state Exclusions

  • Abin

    Excellent content .

  • Gagandeep

    This is a full dose to protect ones mental health in a small capsule. Informative, easy to understand and situations pushes one into self reflection.

  • Apoorv Athawale

    This campaign has been most fruitful for me as a concise and practical refresh course for ideas I had received while learning Transactional Analysis. I highly appreciate the thoughtfulness, resourcefulness, compassion and effort taken by the makers of these videos.


    The module has been very enlightening. It was a nice refreshers of many things that I have learnt from Paras about TA.

  • Jaya Mangtani

    As the name indicates TaVa Mitram has Beautifully designed these videos and a great concept that not only make you understand the way the human behaviour works but also how the mental state and self assessment helps in controlling it. I am glad that i have registered here. This is a great platform for everyone as mental health is as important as physical health. All the best

  • Udaysingh M. Mane

    Very nice experience, excellent videos, self explains examples, simple aptitude question to understand n solve

  • Ravichandran Aruljothi

    It's a great experience to go through all the courses. Examples and illustrations given during the course made the course to study with ease and with enthusiasm. Great work team.

  • Atharva Karandikar

    Wonderful experience watching and learning from this course. I am definitely going to share this with my peers. I think this course gives a great perspective of behavior patterns and self introspection.

  • R.P.Shah

    great experience. Good videos and example for briefing...


    Very in depth study and helpful for an individual

  • Hiten

    The videos are precise and tests were helping to understand if the same concept was clear or not

  • Riya Saha

    It is a great flat from, I have learned alot from the videos,thank you so much for the opportunity to learn, and I would love to share my learning skills to others.

  • Sweta Narvekar

    I am very thankful to Ekktaa who introduced me to this campaign of My Mental Health, My Priority. The videos are very simple to understand and also the examples used in the videos are very relatable to our everyday life. This program helps you to understand yourself mentally and emotionally.

  • Amna Husain

    Sharp precise and well summarized content

  • Pooja Dholepatil

    Mental health is equally important as physical health. Videos are excellent. Very much useful in our day to day life. Dr. Paras and Ekktaa are doing excellent job, I wish good luck and success for future!

  • Rayaa

    Very knowledgeable & helpful for every HUMAN! Congratulations Tava-Mitram Team for an incredible video series. Loved it! :)

  • Suhas Kulkarni

    Great tool used very well to enhance mental awareness and deal with day to day issues which unknowingly have a deep rooted cause although one might understand that cause, it needs ability in handling and accepting that cause and the greatness in not being held responsible for it. ONce one has understood this, it is easy to accept the self , recognize the limitations and work on these blind spots.

  • Savita

    This is a excellent learning module. The video quality is excellent and the language is also very lucid. Above all, this learning is very practical and will be very helpful in day to day life.

  • Shiva P

    I loved the Mental Health badge! I am so proud to display my knowledge in mental health awareness. We pay attention to physical fitness without considering our mental health. I hope to see a wave of change in this mindset for better lives!

  • Meena Shetty

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  • Rishi Mehta

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  • Dia B

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  • Priya

    The Tava-Mitram Mental Health Awareness campaign has raised my awareness greatly! I have a good amount of knowledge to handle my emotions and from now on, I feel I can work on my relationships as well.