Savita Marathe

Mitra Coach

Savita is an educationist, career advisor and a soft skills trainer. She helps students in designing their career pathways by aligning their interests and aptitude. She also conducts trainings in soft skills, stress management and personality development.

About Savita Marathe

While working as a trainer she realized that she has a natural ability to communicate effectively. She believes that effective communication can lead to healthy relationships � be it personal or professional. She has developed a module on �Doctor-patient communication� which is being conducted by many medical colleges.

In any interpersonal interaction �Empathy takes a front seat� � this is her conviction and this is reflected in all her counselling, mentoring sessions. Driven by the philosophy � �Gnothi Seauton�, which means �Know Thyself�, she believes that once you understand yourself � your thoughts and emotions and accept them, it is much easier to cope with the various kinds of stress situation that arise at different walks of our lives, and gives us peace of mind.

You will find an empathetic, cheerful person in her who is always ready to help!...

My Journey:

While working as a career advisor and a trainer, I realized that many of our decisions are based on pre-conceived notions caused by our thoughts and beliefs. Many times, it is observed that these beliefs overpower our emotions and decision making process, ultimately leading to a poking sensation in the mind which might eventually lead to stress and depression. My empathetic nature always used to alarm me that I need to give something extra to all those who come to me to seek career advice. Finally, I decided that I SHOULD get some knowledge of human psychology as it will help me handle the emotional issues that my students are facing. With this thought in mind, I joined a Psychology Course conducted by Sakal Learning Centre in June 2015. I feel that it was one of the best things that happened in my life! Because I met Paras there and got introduced with many interesting concepts and techniques of psychological counseling, most importantly Rational Emotional Behavioral Technique (REBT).

This was a total enlightenment! I realized that our behaviour is a result of the compilation of our thoughts, which give rise to different emotions, that lead us to behave in a particular way. And if we train our mind to work in a way, we could change our behaviour.

�Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated� ---Confucius

My association with Paras continued further when I joined his advanced course. Paras introduced us to Transaction Analysis which is another great technique in Psychology. Unknowingly, I started applying all these techniques and therapies in my own personal life and noticed that I had become more calmer and non-judgemental person. I was more self-aware, - aware of my thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs. This realization was a �Eureka� moment for me! I started applying this in my work later by helping the students and their parents on their emotional issues which resulted in appropriate decision making. And I experienced the real �work satisfaction� �

What is Tava Mitram for Me:

Life is becoming very demanding day by day, irrespective of the age. Everyone is facing some or the other kind of pressure or a challenge and trying to cope with it by applying some means of their own. This may give a temporary relief but the actual cause of the discomfort gets bandaged only superficially and remains dormant. So, when such things get piled up, there is an emotional outburst in the form of anger, sorrow, depression etc.

There needs to be someone, some friend or a confidant, who will listen to us non-judgmentally and help us find a way out or to find a strategy to navigate our life towards a tension-free state of mind. A friend, who will hold our hand whenever we want, but will not become our crutches.

That�s exactly what Tava Mitram is! �Your Friend� who will hold your hand whenever YOU want, but it will NOT become your crutches. It is a platform that will help you make your life peaceful so that you improve your relationship with self and others and quality of life. You will find mentors and friends who will put their best foot forward to help you find your path towards happiness�

So, Do put YOUR best foot forward and join the gang which is thriving to achieve happier me, happier you, happier us � and a happier community!

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