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If you are feeling lost in life, need direction for growth or coaching to work on your internal conflicts, we are here for you. We primarily offer free service only for the less-fortunate. If you know someone who needs help, write to [email protected]

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You love the idea of helping people grow. You have a keen passion for coaching, and are willing to learn on-the-go. You are looking forward to sharing your knowledge, skills, and your time for the betterment of society, and an empowered nation.

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People who are motivated to use the methods of coaching are welcome to join us as a Mitra Coach. You will be trained by Life Leadership Coach, Dr. Paras. You need to be self-motivated to work towards our mission and vision.

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Tava-Mitram is a not-for-profit group that works to build emotions and strengthen people through its many initiatives. We have exciting opportunities to be our Brand Ambassador.

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"My Mental Health, My Priority"

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