Pawankumar Saini

Mitra Coach

Pawan believes that the world for any individual exists within and that the external experiences are but a manifestation of the inner self. He believes that it is very important to get in touch with our inner self and strive to be aware of the present so as to be in complete control of our thoughts, which lead to our actions. Pawan meditates and does yoga to connect with his inner self.He believes that this has enriched his understanding of his own as well as other�s behavior patterns. 

About Pawankumar Saini

He has been in the corporate field for around 3 decades and has always lead teams. Leading people and helping them tap into their potential has been his mission of professional life. Constantly working in the people�s space has given him the ability to understand and empathize with others. Team members and colleagues find in him a friend, a coach, a guide, and a mentor. They have no hesitation in approaching Pawan as he is there to listen to them and help them find answers to their questions.

He wants to continue learning from others as well as serving others by sharing the learnings of his own life that he has gathered so far.

My Journey:

As I look back at the days gone by, I realize that I have always been in the process of experiencing life in as many different forms as possible.

It was my friend Girish who insisted that I experience the meditation technique called Vippasanna. It was a life transforming experience for me. The internal realization that I got due to the practice of Vippasanna is helping me a lot in my interactions with others.

By now I had realized that the mind and body were inter-related and that one was influencing the other. It was by chance that I got introduced to yoga at BharatiyaYogvidhyaDham at Nashik. My practice of yoga started with the work on my body and as I kept practicing I realized that it was touching my mind too. This realization was quick due to my meditation practice. Connecting with people in the true sense further became easier.

All this was happening while I was a part of the corporate world. The self-realization that happened impacted my work in a very positive manner. I was able to help people look at life through frames that I had started using. My own leaning about the HR development processes and dialogues with fellow employees became stronger.

It was during these development processes at my organization that I met Dr. Paras. While we worked on initiatives, he shared his dream of reaching out to the society and helping people work with their life issues. Dr. Paras invited other likeminded people to be a part of this wonderful and meaningful cause.He then started training our group which was called TavaMitram. I have since then been part of this unique learning journey where we are learnt the principles of Transactional Analysis. These principles are being applied on the core group too.

With this learning I am now ready as a �TavaMitram� or �Your Friend� to reach out to those who feel the need for a way to untangle their issues of life.

TavaMitram and Me:

The entire process used by TavaMitram is about understanding why we say or do what we say or do. We are also trying to understand why other say or do what they say or do. This unique process helps us understand ourselves and others better. This attracted me to be a TavaMitra.

While I was learning each element of the process, it helped me to uncover myself and see what was unseen all this while. It gave me a lot of answers to some of the puzzles that I was having in my mind. It helped me see others in a different light. It is unbelievable the way it has made my relationships healthier.

The entire process between the TavaMitramentor and the mentee is that of co-creation. It is not a tablet that the doctor gives and you get well. Both the parties are equal players in this process. Both work with complete understanding of the process to find the solution. This connect that is needed between the two is a very unique part of this process. It is so transparent that authenticity automatically becomes the foundation of the process.

I continue to evolve as a person and help others evolve too in this journey.

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