Shekhar T

Mitra Coach

Shekhar is a Mechanical Engineer and presently working
in an Indian MNC as Assistant General Manager.

About Shekhar Tamhankar Profile

While interacting with variety of people during routine work, he observed that lots of verbal transactions are required to orient team members toward the target. And to make these transactions fruitful, ways must be customized to each individual separately. There is no single formula that exists for all to achieve success out of it.

He also observed that age, gender or experience are not the deciding factors to achieve success; but it's the mental framework that drives one toward synchronization with others.

"Changing myself is the only way to change the surroundings"...is his motto of life. You will certainly find a good friend in him.

My Journey

I am associated with Dr. Paras since 5 years. I met him during a workshop on Management Aspects he conducted at my workplace. Since that day, it's a journey of continuous exploration for me.

During training period I learned a lot; especially theories and methods about human transactions. Our focus has been Transactional Analysis; and it gave almost all the answers to unlock our conditioned minds and reasons behind the thoughts generated. Ultimately our thoughts result into words and words result into actions.

What is Tava Mitram for Me

Now as a Mitra-Coach, it is my privilege to pass on these benefits to all.

I am ready to converse and listen to you wholeheartedly.

There will be group activities and lots of interactions between us. Discussions will be impartial, respectful and non-judgmental. It will be a self-exploring journey for you as well as for me. I assure you to make it magical with your full participation.

So I am ready on my part to associate with you; are you ready? Let's meet then.

As a Mitra-coach , I take this opportunity to meet you all and I am really excited about it.

Would you like to rediscover yourself ?

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