Vinita Gundecha

Mitra Coach

Today, even in her fifties, the motto "inspire or expire" appeals to her: that's Vinita.

Trusty of "Jaaneev", a home for senior citizens: that's Vinita.


About Vinita Gundecha

A lioness bonded with Lion's Club for 23 years; and now President of Lion’s Club Poona: that's Vinita.

Her role as an anchor for more than 200 programs gigantically enhances her social bonding and experience. When Vinita compiles Guljar's autobiography; presents it in a program in front of a thousand-strong audience; and generates a fund of 5 lacs, it's a milestone for her life. While managing a business as "Deals In Seasonal Items'", being synced with multiple social platforms augments her confidence.
Along with her husband, a businessman; a son training for CA; and another son training for engineering, when she adopts a little one, a baby girl, only then her life gets a feel of completion.


In 2015, Vinita completed a course for basics of counseling, coached from Dr. Paras. She learned how to share humanity and how to inspire others for the same. Encouraged with that, as a desire for further learning, she reconnected with Dr. Paras for an advanced course in counseling,
As the boundaries of her awareness expanded, lots of feelings made home in her mind as a collage; and that's where she found warmth in the call from "Tava Mitram". Investing herself as a social worker, words such as "service" and "help" engulf her entire existence. They say it's rare to find springs of hope these days; leading to need for psychological support. She realizes why a platform like Tava Mitram is a need, while working with and for multiple layers of society.

Today she is an indispensable part of Tava Mitram and she is proud of it.


Today, with Tava Mitram, I’ve accepted the challenge of finding a sweet spot between traditional values and expectations of changing lifestyle that place stresses in life. While hoping for enrichment, I walk toward empowerment.

Tava Mitram is teaching me newer and better approach for life. There's no material gain here; and no loss either. No conquering and no defeats. No stench of proud genius; no glitter of fame; nor a false caress to pride. It's innocent here; like a baby just being herself. In Tava Mitram, those with no relation with us absorb our pure minds with pure souls. With simplicity and loving hands, we feel relief in life. Really, being a Mitra Coach is a joy beyond words. Tava Mitram awaits your call!

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