Women! Here's how to Reboot your Career Post Pregnancy

Your mental health post pregnancy is the key to everything.


She stood looking at the audience in front of her. She couldn’t believe she had come this far in life. Not after all the internal struggle. She heard the roar of applause, and relief spread through her body. She thanked the Universe while thinking fondly of her 3-year old waiting for her at home. She was back in the game!


Beginning a career after pregnancy requires a fine mix of flexibility and setting of boundaries.

A career break due to maternity leave need not end up being a full-stop in a woman’s life. Women have often reported the feeling of uncertainty and being hesitant to apply for a job of their dreams or to pursue a path of entrepreneurship. Starting a new career after having a baby often creates a mix of emotions. Oftentimes, this is too much to handle for a woman who is looking for a career after pregnancy, with many fears within. A woman may face a conundrum - feelings of guilt, self-doubt, and worry.


As per a report published here, 29% of new-moms return to work for a full-time role. Often, mothers who return to reestablish their career take up profiles with lower income.

What challenges do women face post-pregnancy?

The very thought of a career after pregnancy often floods a new mother's mind with worries.
Common areas of struggle for women post-pregnancy -

  • Loss of self-confidence (Who needs my skills?)
  • Feelings of shame (I have a career break which is too long)
  • Feelings of guilt (Who will look after my child? Can I take the help of a nanny?)
  • Confusion about career role, income, and skills (Am I employable?)
  • Managing a work-life balance (Who will manage the home?)
  • Feelings of self-doubts (Do I have the skills anymore?)
  • Weight issues
  • Worry about being judged (Am I a bad mom?)
  • The disparity in pay (Why do I get offered jobs with a low payout?)


You might even find yourself thinking, “Who am I?” post pregnancy. That’s natural, as most new mothers are grappling with their physical and emotional changes that happen within.

Rebooting your career often causes multiple emotions with many feeling the financial pinch that adds to one’s insecurities. Bridging the gap of the career break to the present role is of utmost importance.

Are you wondering how to start a career after having a baby? Tava-Mitram shares 5 tips you need to know to make a smooth transition into a new career role.

5 Ways to Reboot your Career Post Pregnancy

1. Increase belief in self


Tava-Mitram is a not-for-profit organization that works towards building emotional health and well-being in people.

We know by saying, “Don’t be nervous” doesn’t serve any purpose for a new mom. What we emphasize is the need to develop confidence in your existing skills while reminding yourself none of these have diminished. Another way to do it is to identify the current gap (in your career profile), make a note of the areas to upgrade, and develop the right skills to boost your career. A deeper understanding will show you areas you can step up to be in touch with the current times. While being confident about the work in the past helps, knowing areas of improvement and working on them adds greater confidence to your approach towards the way you handle and negotiate new offers.


2. Observe the current situation

Many women begin applying to every vacancy post pregnancy.
Women! You’ve had a career break and this is a good time to observe and evaluate your future goals.
Ask yourself -

  • Do you want to continue in the same profile?
  • Are you open to a slightly different role?
  • What is the prospect for this profile?
  • How can you manage your work-life balance in this role?
  • What are your expectations from the company?

As a woman returning after pregnancy, your priorities will change. Hence, you need to understand what you require from the company in terms of policies, work-from-home opportunities, and the career graph they may have for you. The moment you give yourself the chance to choose, you’ll be able to move through profiles swiftly while prioritizing only those offers that add value to your career profile.


3. Display flexibility

Starting a career post pregnancy need not be a reason to compromise. However, a flexible approach gives you the chance to be a preferred choice for firms. As you are aware of your limitations (you need flexible-working hours), you must display the same attitude towards a prospective employer. Flexibility refers to showing acceptance to learn more on the job (if required), being available to take on additional roles (if suitable), and an approach that shows you are in line with the company’s vision. However, be clear about your working hours, offer help wherever required, ensure you convey why exactly you are the top choice for the position (skills, commitment, flexibility, integrity).

4. Network, and network a little bit more!

Networking can begin even during your pregnancy. Remember to build connections without a purpose. Be genuine and authentic, show that you care. Stay in touch with your existing connections, begin new ones from professional social media sites. The point is to stay connected with your ex-colleagues, be in the loop with the current industry updates, and create opportunities for you when you decide to restart your career.

5. Set boundaries

Beginning a career after pregnancy requires a fine mix of flexibility and setting of boundaries. The boundaries need to be defined in terms of your work timings, job expectations, acceptance of meeting invites/calls (what is suitable for you?), and working on weekends. Boundaries need to exist between your co-workers (personal pings maybe a no-no post office hours), managers, and even with your family members. Having a family contract also works towards retaining balance and peace at home.
A lot of the internal battle that goes into the mind is a result of conflicting emotions. Managing emotions is a skill you need to cultivate to be able to boost confidence and move towards restarting your career post-pregnancy.

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