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It started with an idea over cups of coffee and a discussion that was held one summer evening in Pune. As a not-for-profit, we have grown leaps and bounds since our inception in 2016. Tava-Mitram is close to our hearts as this is a platform where we connect with people from different walks of life who are experiencing emotional difficulties. Our platform has always been offering the service of Group Coaching for no cost at all to build emotions and strengthen people. This has been the mission that has inspired us to keep pushing the envelope.

In our journey, while interacting with multiple people across the globe, we thought, “Why can’t we spread the knowledge of Mental Health awareness online? Is there something we can do to share our knowledge with more people apart from the ones already registered with Tava-Mitram?” An idea took shape, a certification program was born. Tava-Mitram’s “My Mental Health, My Priority” certification program was launched in April 2020. We worked on the creation of 12 videos that offered insights to manage one’s emotional health. We simplified psychological theories while dealing with topics ranging from depression to Transactional Analysis. These are important to understand one’s communication with self that impacts his/her environment around. 

Tava-Mitram’s “My Mental Health, My Priority” certification program was launched in April 2020 

Did we Succeed?

It gives us great pleasure to announce we have reached more than 50+ regions across the globe. We’ve had over 6298+ registrations and this acts as a testimony to show the need to raise one’s mental health awareness. People who have registered for the program have experienced a shift in their thinking process while implementing the knowledge learned in this free certification program. We’ve had numerous people sharing the Tava-Mitram “My Mental Health, My Priority” badge that signifies the registrant’s small step to make large changes in life. 

The Applause Goes to…

We’ve had over 5,479 views from India, followed by the Philippines at 523, Germany (419), United States (174), Singapore (91), United Arab Emirates (71), Canada, Peru, Malaysia, Slovenia, Morocco, and many more! This list is long!

Our endeavor has reached thousands of people in different corners of the world. We are happy to support each person to work on building their strength and dealing with challenges in life. 

We are aiming to create the website in additional Indian regional languages 

Mental health is an area that is often ignored with more emphasis being laid on building physical health. This is why we at Tava-Mitram applaud all Mental Health warriors for taking a step towards growth and bringing the desired changes in life. These 12 areas of mental health as shared in our videos lay the firm foundation you need, to create a life that adds value to your existence. It’s like exercising your mental muscle, a practice that needs to be done diligently. Owing to the stupendous response, we have one more announcement to share!

We are Launching in Additional Languages!

Thank you everyone for showing the interest in Tava-Mitram and the “My Mental Health, My Priority” campaign. We are ecstatic to announce our website is now available in Hindi and Marathi. We are aiming to create the website in additional Indian regional languages. Within time, we hope to expand to reach audiences across the globe in other popular languages worldwide.

Could we have reached so far without support?

List of Regions

India, Philippines, United States, Germany, UAE, UK, Canada, Peru, Malaysia, Slovenia, Morocco, Asia/Pacific Region, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, Republic of Korea, Oman, Belgium, Bangladesh, Serbia, Turkey. France, Spain, Brazil, Norway, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Sri Lanka, Japan, Sweden, Argentine, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Finland, Jamaica, Mexico, Qatar, Portugal, Hungary, Columbia, Montenegro  

We think not! We thank you for your support shown in our initiative to reach 5 million people across the globe through our “My Mental Health, My Priority” Certification program. If you think you know someone who needs to strengthen their emotions, do share this link with your friends and family.

Till then, let’s focus on Building Emotions, Strengthening People. 

Ekktaa and Dr. Paras

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