Dr. Paras


Dr. Paras is a certified Life Leadership Coach with a vision to inspire, empower, and transform every person on this planet.

"What you think, you can achieve!"

About Dr. Paras

Dr. Paras is an award-winning Life Leadership Coach and the winner of the ‘Young Leader Award’ by the International Coach Federation (2018). As an ICF and EMCC certified Life Leadership Coach, he has partnered with organizations and individuals across the world bringing them closer to their personal and professional goals. His aim is to transform the lives of people through the power of coaching bringing a wave of change with every session.

Dr. Paras firmly believes the mind is the greatest tool. One can achieve everything as long as one has the access to the power of the subconscious mind. Apart from coaching, he has also added multiple layers to his profile with the study of hypnotherapy, mindfulness, and NLP. Dr. Paras is also a certified hypnotist and a Mindfulness Practitioner. His extensive knowledge gives him the edge to understand the complexities of different personalities and the workings of the mind to ensure his teaching methods get the desired results.

My Journey

Dr. Paras shares his journey in his own words. 

I began my journey of self-awareness and learning at the age of 16. My life was one that had its fair share of ups and downs, achievements, and even times that tested my strengths. I always found myself leaning towards assisting people with a passion to understand human behavior. Well, it’s no surprise I studied Psychotherapy and Counseling while exploring Business Administration and HR as well. I pursued Philosophy and secured a Doctorate in Organizational Behavior.

My family has always been my source of motivation. They played an active part to shape my vision. When I asked myself the question, “Who am I and what is my purpose?,” I found clarity towards my goals. I dived into coaching and played an active role in making people understand the power of ‘Now’. With my sound training with the International Coach Federation, and the European Mentoring Coaching Council I began to spread my wings. What brought me immense happiness was witnessing change and growth in the people I partnered with, giving them the vision they need for life.

What does Tava-Mitram mean for me

I have founded Tava-Mitram along with my sister, Ekktaa Daithankar. The idea took shape while we were going through the trials and tribulations of our own lives. We realized that our family is our source of strength. But, what about those who need guidance during their toughest times? Who will hold their hand and show them the way towards the light? Darkness is a part of the journey, as without darkness, there can be no light. The new dawn cannot arise if we get lost in the empty spaces chasing things randomly and hoping it will improve.

Tava-Mitram, which means ‘Your Friend’, has been founded to partner with the less-fortunate and be their friend. This friend will be non-judgmental towards all. Tava-Mitram aims to make people strengthen themselves and believe in the power of the subconscious mind. What you think, you can achieve! There can be no stopping you! Our Mitra Coaches are constantly ensuring the lives of all participants improves while giving them the right strategies to face all challenges.

To me, Tava-Mitram is a platform that holds my vision to build a better India, one session at a time.

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