Section 1 - Responsibilities towards people that an individual partners with

  1. As a Mitra Participant, Mitra Volunteer, Mitra- Brand Ambassador or Mitra Coach, every individual will offer clarity in their communication to explain the nature of the collaboration as clearly to the client/company they are dealing with. They will seek to understand all the details of Tava-Mitram and be mindful that no monetary compensation will be offered for any of the collaborations.
  2. Brand Ambassadors will always be responsible for maintaining the contracts and terms and conditions with the people they deal with. All details need to be shared with the Directors of Tava-Mitram prior to collaborations.
  3. All levels of confidentiality need to be maintained.
  4. He/she will be responsible towards identifying any area of activity that requires immediate attention (in case of any illegal activities) and the same needs to be notified to the Directors at Tava-Mitram.
  5. They will be responsible to manage conflicts through an open and respectful dialogue.
  6. Any volunteer, Brand Ambassador, or Mitra coach may be exposed to confidential information or may possess electronic files and communications of Tava-Mitram. He/she will use the same only for official purposes and destroy the files post termination of their work profile.
  7. The individual will always lead in the project as decided but the rights to the project remain solely with Tava-Mitram.
  8. The individual will refrain from working with others on a similar project. Brand Ambassadors cannot begin any service that is on lines with Tava-Mitram.
  9. Respect everyone’s right to terminate the contract or agreement at any given time due to reasons as decided by Directors at Tava-Mitram.
  10. Be consistent in their delivery of service as a Mitram Volunteer, Mitra Coach or maintain transparency as a Brand Ambassador with Tava-Mitram.

Section 2 - Responsibility Towards the Role and Performance

  1. He/she will adhere to the entire Tava-Mitram Code of Ethics.
  2. Mitra Coaches will be aware of any personal limitation in their service. They will reach out to the Tava-Mitram’s Directors for further support to take the action as required which may include additional training by the senior coaches.
  3. He/she will maintain all privacy including contact numbers, email addresses from third parties. They will be responsible to use only the authorized contacts (official email IDs, and phone numbers) as specified by Tava-Mitram.
  4. He/she will be responsible to resolve conflicts at every level. In case of assistance, the same will be sought after a discussion with the Directors at Tava-Mitram.

Section 3 - Responsibility towards being Professional

  1. Mitra coaches need to clarify their current coaching credentials or other relevant degrees or qualifications to the Directors at the time of service.
  2. Mitra Coaches, Mitra Volunteers, and Brand Ambassadors need to submit verbal and written statements about their offerings with utmost accuracy.
  3. The individual needs to display appropriate boundaries to manage cultural sensitivities, and interactions which are held in person or online.
  4. Individuals will not display romantic relationships or connections with any of the people they collaborate with on behalf of Tava-Mitram. They will be mindful about their interactions with the Tava-Mitram team members as well. He/she will inform the Board of Directors at Tava-Mitram to take necessary action if any such relation is observed.

Section 4 - Responsibility to the Community

  1. The individual ensures to display equality in all their collaborations done on behalf of Tava-Mitram while showing respect to all cultural, religious, and social practices. They will be mindful about their demeanor towards different age groups, genders, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, region, religion, and more.
  2. He/she will not show any claim or ownership on any of the materials, ideas, programs, and campaigns run by Tava-Mitram for the community.

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