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Tava-Mitram is a not-for-profit group that works to build emotions and strengthen people through its many initiatives. We have exciting opportunities to be our Brand Ambassador.

1) The Brand Ambassador can be located in any part of the world.
2) The individual will take the lead to promote Tava-Mitram in their country or region while following a strict code of ethics by Tava-Mitram.
3) He/she will be responsible to spread Tava-Mitram’s mission and vision in their local region by following the set parameters for online/offline marketing, advertising, and other promotional activities.
4) The Brand Ambassador follows all the values and messaging formats as shared by Tava-Mitram.
5) He/she takes the initiative to manage all costs incurred to spread the awareness of Tava-Mitram through their regional website, content promotion in local language, or any other expenditure incurred otherwise. The content needs to be approved by the Directors of IIUEF.
6) He/she needs to be available for monthly meetings held by the Tava-Mitram team which has its registered office in Pune, India. Meetings can be held online in case of geographical constraint.
7) The Brand Ambassador can recruit more volunteers in their area at their own will. Tava-Mitram cannot be held responsible for any paid/unpaid hires or volunteers by the Brand Ambassador.
8) He/she needs to support Tava-Mitram to raise donations (in the form of money, time, and skill). In the event donations are received as money, he/she agrees to have no claim whatsoever over the donation.
9) Tava-Mitram reserves the right to cancel the activities of Brand Ambassadors if they are found flouting the rules and code of ethics as set by Tava-Mitram.

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