What is Tava-Mitram?

Tava-Mitram is a Pune-based not-for-profit initiative by the Iinner Universe Education Foundation (IIUEF). Tava-Mitram has been formed with an aim to build an emotionally strong India. The idea was started in 2016 and was founded on March 15th 2019 by Dr. Paras and Ms. Ekktaa Daithankar, Tava-Mitram is on a mission to transform every person to rebuild their lives. With the help of group coaching methods, Tava-Mitram helps the less-fortunate to heal themselves, and take charge of their lives, one step at a time. The organization uses coaching to heal the mind, body, and soul. The not-for-profit group partners with people to find and define their purpose as they acknowledge their pain, and learn to release it to embrace a new life. India being largely driven by a community-based living style, Tava-Mitram was founded to create platform based on togetherness. The founders aim to foster community building and create a strong support network. Dr. Paras firmly believes in the power of group coaching and the capability to add a personal touch with a healthy exchange of energies. Using a 6-step process, Dr. Paras and Ekktaa work on different areas of life for all participants. This format allows participants to look at lives through different lenses while bringing a transformation in self and others. All this while cultivating a togetherness and a positive outlook using the potential of group energy. We bring back the life in people’s lives.

How does Tava-Mitram work to make a difference?

In this group, an individual can find a sacred space to heal their emotional wounds by giving them the much-needed boost to spread their wings. The group is aimed to support people and make them realize their own potential for eliminating the need to live with the long-term consequences of their past experiences and traumas or current internal conflicts. With a greater awareness of the self, there is an opportunity to heal and begin a transformation process.

How you can help:

If you’re looking to heal India to create emotionally strong citizens, then we have the right opportunity to convert your passion into astounding results. Fill up this form to apply as a Mitra Coach. Don’t forget to read our FAQs to resolve your queries.

Need help?

If you need the assistance of coaching to enjoy a peaceful and rewarding life, do not hesitate to write to us at [email protected].

Tava-Mitram puts the focus on -

  • Finding happiness and peace within self
  • Improving our relationships with family, friends, colleagues
  • Dealing with self-conflict
  • Overcoming sadness, dysfunctional emotions and thoughts
  • Creating a life filled with purpose
  • Eradicating negative thoughts
  • Using the power of positive thinking to achieve more from life
  • Self-motivation techniques
  • Increasing self-awareness levels - focus on our thoughts, feelings, and behavior
  • Understanding how our behavior can impact others around us
  • Dealing with the negative effects of bullying and healing ourselves
  • Overcoming overthinking

We also plan to highlight one major issue this year, which we often turn a blind eye to - Bullying.

Looking to Support Us?

Tava-Mitram is a not-for-profit group aiming to build an emotionally strong India. We cannot do it without your support. Click here to make a donation. Your gesture is bringing back the life in people’s lives.


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