What do you want to confess today?

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    Confess. Reconcile with yourself. Let it go. Simply, let it go.

    Share what you’d like to confess and know that you are not alone. You can choose to be anonymous to write your confession. Your details are not stored in our system or used by Tava-Mitram, IIUEF, or any of the company staff and consultants.

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What do you want to confess today?

Write your confession below. Relax, you can be anonymous.

26 Confessions

  1. Anonymous

    on Aug 31st , 2021

    Legal Matters

    My wife and I are headed for a separation. I need to consult legal experts and take proper protective actions. I have been doing nothing about it for years and years hoping that the problem will go away and now it is knocking on the door. I am losing time, peace of mind, health happiness and prosperity like this.
  2. Anonymous

    on Aug 31st , 2021

    Relationship with my boss

    This seems to be a new head ache. There is acute lack of trust it seems. I dont like the way she interacts with me with a certain lack of respect which i find irksome . and I dont feel like giving any updates to her as i feel she will find a fault in whatever update i give her. So avoiding communicating with her altogether . whch again is not helping at all. since the less i speak to her the more the lack of trust increases
  3. Anonymous

    on Jun 22nd , 2020

    I have anxiety, i feel down, i feel Depressed

    Maybe not the first time i feel down, but this time it's different i feel more scared and depressed. People outside think how come this person is so cool but from inside i am scared as hell. I was supposed to join a company in may after my exams but now the company is posponing the dates and i have my lone to be paid. I try to keep my self composed and calm but with more and more days inside the house the stress levels and anxiety level are growing. But i am optimistic about the future which is keeping me together.
  4. Anonymous

    on Apr 30th , 2020

    Need someone to ask me if i am okay?

    These days i am easily getting depressed or loosing motivation to do anything. My friends and family are good peoples . But i am kind of person who dont share their worry to anyone mostly to my family. I want them to think that i am strong enough to handle difficulties but ...i have reached to my limit ..i cant do it anymore but i dont have courage to say anything also. I am always thinking whether my friends are useless or what but deep down i know they are good to me ...here the problem is me... Please help me to escape from this delimma...PLEASE
  5. Anonymous

    on Jul 19th , 2019

    My boyfriend doesn�t like me

    Guys, please help. I do everything I can to keep my boyfriend happy. He never appreciates me. He praises his female friends on Facebook. He says my photographs don�t look like theirs. He says I am not good enough. Guys, I am so depressed.
  6. Anonymous

    on Jul 16th , 2019

    I think I am not likeable

    I hardly have any friends. I am dark-skinned and people make fun of me. No man is attracted to me. I have never had a boyfriend. Will I always be like this? I am afraid to apply for a job. Everyone hates me. I am hating the world too.
  7. Anonymous

    on Jul 15th , 2019

    Constantly tired

    I have spent a large portion of my life working. I am constantly feeling worried. I am hardly giving any time to my family. I worry that my boss won�t like my work. I am afraid of losing my job. I am so friggin� anxious all the time. HELP!
  8. Anonymous

    on Jul 13th , 2019

    I�m a woman who likes other women

    Why do I get attracted to women? I am a woman and I thought I should be getting married to a decent man and have a great life. I�m still studying and I have found myself sexually attracted to most women in my college. I cannot get closer to a male. Do I need treatment? Is this normal?
  9. Anonymous

    on Jul 10th , 2019

    I�m confused

    I�ve been married for a year. However, I am no longer attracted to my wife. I feel attracted to people from the same sex. Does that mean I am gay? Is it wrong? I am scared of the society. Where do I go? I heard this forum is anonymous. Is there someone to help me?
  10. Anonymous

    on Jul 09th , 2019

    My love has betrayed me

    My love, the love of my life has confessed to having fallen in love with somebody else. If it was an affair, I could have handled it. How is one supposed to deal with this? Why does life do this? Why can�t I have this relationship like before? Can somebody answer what was missing in me?
  11. Anonymous

    on Jul 06th , 2019

    Is there any use of marriage?

    I�m done with the word marriage. I�ve recently found out my husband has been cheating on me. He says he loves me but my whole world has come crashing down since then. I have no place to go. Nothing to look forward to. I don�t think I can handle this anymore. I need help�..
  12. Anonymous

    on Jul 04th , 2019

    Bad fights

    My home is not a home anymore. There are constant fights everyday. Where shall I go? I am not doing well in college. I have no friends. I am a loser. I wanna cry.
  13. Anonymous

    on Jul 03rd , 2019

    Is there any help for students?

    I am suffering a great deal. My teachers keep telling me how useless I am. My parents keep telling me how others are doing better. I have lost my inclination to work. I am totally unhappy. I try to study. My marks are low. I feel I cannot live like this�
  14. Anonymous

    on Jul 01st , 2019

    Anyone there?

    I�ve been married twice. I gave my everything for my partner. Many years later, divorce has left me without any direction. People make fun of me. What should I do? I can�t even work properly.
  15. Anonymous

    on Jun 29th , 2019

    I am ashamed of myself

    I trusted a close friend in my business. I was warned by my family. I went ahead and was doing well. Then my friend double crossed me. I have lost all faith in everyone. I do not know how to live. What will I tell at home. How will I earn now�
  16. Anonymous

    on Jun 28th , 2019

    When will I smile?

    My life is going through lots of downhill moments. I can�t seem to live the way I used to earlier. There is no special moment. No reason to smile. I get dark thoughts. Is that normal?
  17. Anonymous

    on Jun 26th , 2019

    My tears can�t stop

    I am sooooo depressed. Please help me. I cry everyday.
  18. Anonymous

    on Jun 24th , 2019

    Way too scared

    Anyone else feels scared before every new opportunity? I have given up several offers because I feel I am not capable of it anymore. I am so lost. Please help me. I am always scared in life.
  19. Anonymous

    on Jun 23rd , 2019

    Stuck. Stuck. Stuck

    I am stuck in my life. I don�t know what the hell is going on. My job sucks, my girlfriend doesn�t care. My life is crashing down. I have to confess. I am finding it difficult to see the good right now.
  20. Anonymous

    on Jun 22nd , 2019

    I can�t do this

    I�ve had a series of breakups. My last breakup was terrible. I can�t stop thinking about him. He�s been a part of my life always. Things don�t feel the same anymore. I can�t live without him. Anyone who can help me?
  21. Anonymous

    on Jun 20th , 2019

    I keep getting rejected

    Every job offer I apply, I am kept on hold. Is there someone who is going through the same thing? My depression is increasing. Is this normal? When will I find a good job?
  22. Anonymous

    on Jun 18th , 2019

    My family doesn't love me at all

    How do I connect with my family? They don�t seem to care for me at all. I want to run away. What option do I have.
  23. Anonymous

    on Jun 17th , 2019

    I am seeing issues in my business

    I am so confused right now. My business is not growing as I had expected, I have a family to look after, and I feel no one can understand my feelings. I have to declare that I have lost hope and I do not feel the need for any enjoyment in life.
  24. Anonymous

    on Jun 15th , 2019

    I don�t know where to go

    Hi, is there anyone who actually feels directionless? I am having no choices in life. What should I do? Where should I go?
  25. Anonymous

    on Jun 12th , 2019

    Help me

    I am a failure. I don�t think I have done anything successfully. I am a disappointment to all. What should I do? Is someone out there who is understanding my thoughts.
  26. Anonymous

    on Jun 14th , 2019

    I�m upset, low

    I am writing in to clear my mind. Life has been difficult for me and I am finding it tough to deal with everything. It all seems like a burden. I appear happy but I am not.

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