What is Tava-Mitram?

Not-for-Profit and Self-Help Initiative

Tava-Mitram is a Pune-based not-for-profit, initiative by the Iinner Universe Education Foundation (IIUEF). Tava-Mitram has been formed with an aim to build an emotionally strong India. The idea took shape in 2015 and Tava-Mitram was founded on 15th June 2016 by Dr. Paras and Ms. Ekktaa Daithankar. Tava-Mitram is on a mission to transform every person to rebuild their lives. With the help of group coaching methods, Tava-Mitram helps the less-fortunate to heal themselves, as they take charge of their lives, one step at a time.

The organization uses coaching to heal the mind, body, and soul. The not-for-profit group partners with people to guide them to find and define their purpose as they acknowledge their pain, and learn to release it to embrace a new life.

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My Mental Health, My Priority

Mental Health Awareness Campaign

The “My Mental Health, My Priority” is an awareness campaign by Tava-Mitram. With our video series, we look to strengthen your knowledge in 12 different areas. The completion of the entire campaign benefits you with greater awareness to manage thoughts. You achieve a deeper sense of knowledge in managing the mind. As you shift the focus within, you embrace a new life to create newer results. You are eligible to receive a “My Mental Health, My Awareness” badge upon completion of the entire Mental Health awareness campaign and the quiz formats that follow.

For ICF learners, who wish to add coaching hours for ACC/PCC/MCC or Credit renewals you can avail of 10-hours of CCEU credit with this certification program. The course is followed by situational-based testing that enables you to earn the credits in your practice

However, in order to make all of this possible now and in the future, we urge you to donate an amount of $200/- to earn your credits. The donated amount can be included in tax rebates under the 80G I-T Act (for Indians only).

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Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Tava-Mitram prioritizes the importance of one’s mental wellbeing and inner struggles. We applaud the concept of seeking help but we understand that getting the right guidance can be a barrier for some individuals. Our one-on-one coaching services are aimed towards helping people who don’t have direct access to life coaching, be it for financial constraints or other reasons.

Our Mitra coaches are working round the clock to tend to the growing needs of people from across India and globally.

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Group Coaching

The rise and growth of Tava-Mitram is centered around Group coaching. Our aim with this not-for-profit organization was to make coaching as accessible as possible. So, when we launched our program and reached out to interested prospects with the concept of group coaching, the response was overwhelming. To witness so many individuals come forward to get the help and support they need was pretty great.

Soon after the initial wave of success, we expanded our reach and made group coaching a lot more accessible and sustainable for underprivileged individuals across India and abroad.

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Group Coaching

Mental Health Matters

An Awareness Campaign by Tava-Mitram

In these unprecedented times, balancing one’s emotional, psychological and social well-being is of utmost importance. Mental health is now acknowledged to be the key to one’s personal life, professional life, and overall well-being. October 10 being #WorldMentalHealthDay, there is a need to identify our triggers and understand ourselves better. Tava-Mitram’s “Mental Health Matters” campaign is a global movement to bring attention to the various ways one can strengthen the mind.The campaign includes a 15-day LIVE program on subjects pertaining to mental health hosted by experts in the industry. These events include the presence of social counselors, mental health warriors, professionals from different sectors, entrepreneurs, musicians and more as panelists on Tava-Mitram’s platform. The sessions explore creative ways to explore mental well-being in life while addressing important issues. This is not to be missed! Stay tuned all through October 2020.

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Mission and Vision

Tava-Mitram aims to uplift the less-fortunate by setting them on a path towards higher self-awareness. We aim to educate people using appropriate tools, and raise awareness around sound Mental Health to help people live in harmony.

Upcoming Events

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Our Founders

Dr. Paras / Founder

Dr. Paras is a certified Life Leadership Coach with a vision to inspire, empower, and transform every person on this planet.

"What you think, you can achieve!"

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Ekktaa D / Founder

Ekktaa is a Spiritual Coach who uses various techniques to connect with people, and heal their body, mind, and soul.

"An empowered society is a winning community. An empowered India is poised for growth."

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Know Your Mitra Coach

Read all about our Coaching stars who volunteer for all the initiatives of Tava-Mitram and what drives them on their journey.

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Growth is possible only when you bring about a change….
Witness the creation of a different ‘You’ and embrace a brand new life.

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