Tava-Mitram Roles

Tava-Mitram is a not-for-profit group aimed to build an emotionally strong India. The use of group coaching methods for the less-fortunate is devised to bring that wave of change in thinking while healing the mind, body, and soul of the less-fortunate.

  1. Volunteers of Tava-Mitram, known as a Mitra Coach, work in hand with the core team of Tava-Mitram to ensure participants embrace a new life by following the principles as set by Tava-Mitram. Governed by the Iinner Universe Education Foundation (IIUEF), Tava-Mitram volunteers need to adhere to the roles as set by the group. Apart from the expectations from the set roles, Mitra Coaches are also expected to follow a Code of Ethics and adhere to them for the smooth functioning of Tava-Mitram.
  2. Participants at Tava-Mitram acknowledge the joining of the group coaching sessions is entirely at their own consent and will.

    Volunteers are requested to go through the roles and ethics before sending their applications across. Acceptance of the role of a Mitra Coach is considered as an acceptance of the following roles and code of ethics as set by Tava-Mitram.

    Participants need to display a complete understanding of the Code of Ethics and their presence at the group coaching sessions equals to an acceptance of the same as outlined here.

Mitra Coach Role

  1. All Mitra Coaches have to demonstrate great listening skills with the ability to listen with care towards the participant discussions.
  2. Mitra Coaches must employ the practice of using an inquiry or questioning only as a mode of communication without any personal agenda.
  3. Mitra Coaches must not attempt to teach or share advice with participants. The primary role is to create a space for conversation - one where participants are encouraged to open their minds.
  4. A Mitra Coach must not indulge in advertising of personal services, personal branding, or create any discussion that highlights the Mitra Coach in a manner that is not suitable and aligned to the code of ethics of Tava-Mitram.
  5. It is the primary duty of the Mitra Coach to be non-judgmental in their approach towards all group discussions.
  6. A Mitra Coach must be able to identify the situations to be assertive and be aware of their role limits.
  7. By being a volunteer with Tava-Mitram, a Mitra Coach must demonstrate complete knowledge of Tava-Mitram’s policies, structure, internal processes, rules, ethics, and more.
  8. A Mitra Coach must always learn to display respect with a great understanding of all participants and fellow volunteers.
  9. Mitra Coach must be open to upgrade their knowledge and add to their skills as per the schedule shared by Tava-Mitram for the volunteer benefit.
  10. All Mitra Coaches must display awareness of their boundaries between themselves, their participants, and co-workers or volunteers.
  11. As a volunteering Mitra coach, you will receive a letter of acknowledgment from Tava-Mitram, IIUEF for your hours of practice and your consistent dedication towards coaching. You can use these acquired practicing hours for your ACC, PCC, or MCC programs at ICF or Practitioner, Senior Practitioner, Master Practitioner from EMCC. We will be providing every volunteering coach with a letter stating their number of invested hours, to support their coaching endeavors in the future. We are a not-for-profit, charging a meager amount for our individual coaching sessions. As a Mitra coach, the basic fee that you acquire through the session is donated to our organization IIUEF- Iinner Universe Education Foundation to help us spread awareness surrounding mental health. However, your donation of time and efforts don’t go to waste as you can translate the same into professional practicing hours to acquire the ICF or/and EMCC credentials process.

Looking to Support Us?

Tava-Mitram is a not-for-profit group aiming to build an emotionally strong India. We cannot do it without your support. Click here to make a donation. Your gesture is bringing back the life in people’s lives.


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