One and All (name): ??????? ??????? ?????? ?????????I

   31 Oct 2020       1900 hours -2000 hours

The team at Tava-Mitram is excited to have you all with us on our journey of �Mental Health Matters� campaign. In our 15th and concluding session

Alternate ways of Healing: A Timeless Treatment : ??????????????????????ll

   27 Oct 2020       1900 hours - 2030 hours

Alternative medicines is one of the healing practices that has gained attention worldwide in recent times. These types of healing practices need to be

Neuroscience and Music : The Sound Meditation

   26 Oct 2020       2000 hours - 2130 hours

Music is healing in itself and music forms an important part of mental wellbeing. Tava-Mitram�s �Mental Health Matters� campaign is proud to hold the

You are stronger than you Think - Dassera Special

   25 Oct 2020       1200 hours - 1300 hours

Dassera marks the victory of good over evil. While this day is celebrated with triumph, it is only after a long battle that the victory is seen.

One World, Many Minds - Mental health to mental wellbeing #Globalperspective

   24 Oct 2020       2000 hours - 2130 hours

The spotlight has been on mental health in the recent years. Globally, more and more people are waking up to awareness of taking care of one�s

Mental Health for Women - W for Warrior, W for Women

   23 Oct 2020       2000 hours - 2130 hours

Multi-tasking and women - this is something that has been closely associated with women for centuries! We strongly believe W stands for Warrior as

Mental Health for Men - Celebrating The Ubermensch

   19 Oct 2020       2000 hours - 2130 hours

It�s a competitive world! Men don�t have it easier with the need to display superheroic traits to juggle work, personal life and focus on self to

Mental Health @ workplace - Celebrate togetherness, end stigma

   16 Oct 2020       2000 hours - 2130 hours

Today�s competitive world demands more from the busy professionals. In a constantly connected atmosphere that stretches 24X7 and with mounting pressur

My body, my mind: Nobody�s area of expertise #BodyShaming

   15 Oct 2020       2100 hours - 2230 hours

Nobody�s perfect. We are all a magnificent creation of the Universe. Tava-Mitram�s 7th session of the �Mental Health Matters� campaign takes a look at

The Mental Make up - Building Self-Esteem

   12 Oct 2020       2000 hours - 2130 hours

Your self-esteem plays an important role in creating the results you want in life. Tava-Mitram�s �Mental Health Matters� campaign presents

A Harmonic Progression: Celebrating Life with Music

   10 Oct 2020       1230 hours - 1330 hours

All forms of art play an important role in pulling a human out from the drudgery and chaos of a world that keeps running on an auto-pilot mode.

Mera Maansik Swastha - Meri Zimmedari - Launch Session

   10 Oct 2020       1230 hours - 1330 hours

Tava-Mitram has already been actively working towards mental health awareness on a global level.

Healing with Animals - Our Earthly Therapist

   09 Oct 2020       2000 hours - 2130 hours

What would our life be without animals? Everyone has a part to play in our ecosystem and this is how we maintain balance on Earth.

Changing Era of Mental Health (Marathi) : From 60's to 2000

   06 Oct 2020       1900 hours - 2030 hours

Tava-Mitram is proud to present the 3rd session of the �Mental Health Matters� campaign.

Soundness of Mind - The Gandhian Way

   02 Oct 2020       2100 hours - 2200 hours

Mahatma Gandhi led the battle in India�s freedom through non-violent ways.

Mental health matters - The Digital ensemble

   01 Oct 2020       1900 hours -2000 hours

Mental health matters - The Digital Ensemble - Opening session - Dr Paras & Ekktaa

Disclaimer: Tava-Mitram’s “Mental Health Matters” campaign is an initiative to raise mental health awareness and share knowledge of the various ways to build inner strength. This is not to be confused with medical treatment. No panel member gives advice on mental health issues. In case of severe mental health illness, please seek a consultation with a certified doctor.

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