Tava-Mitram aims to work with the less-fortunate to resolve their internal conflicts and guide them on the right path. We are the non-judgmental friend who one can reach out to and put the life back into their lives. Our mission is to bring a wave of change through the thinking, feeling, and actions of people using the power of group coaching. We want people to realize that the power to make the change lies within you.


Our Vision is to create deeper awareness on the subject of Mental Health. We aim to show the power of Group coaching and create healthier minds and a resourceful space for people to live happily, peacefully, and successfully. By empowering them, we enable them to make a difference to self and others around them.

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Tava-Mitram is a not-for-profit group aiming to build an emotionally strong India. We cannot do it without your support. Click here to make a donation. Your gesture is bringing back the life in people’s lives.


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65/What-is-Mental-Health-Awareness-Week What is Mental Health Awareness Week?   02/18/2022

�I feel extremely anxious about unknown things in life. I have a feeling of unknown worry for things in life. I feel I can�t handle any difficulties i